We all know someone who grows the best vegies and never use chemical sprays. It is possible to have a productive garden where nature is working for you and not against you.

Follow these simple tips for all year round chemical free produce.

Quick Tips to avoid using chemicals on vegie gardens:

  • In small space gardens remember to allow for air movement between plants to reduce fungal problems that can occur in small spaces.
  • Encourage beneficial insects by planting high nectar producing flowering plants in between vegies.
  • Tie yellow sticky bug traps around the garden. These trap many soft bodied flying insects such as aphids, thrips and whitefly.
  • Supply shallow dishes of water at varying heights. This attracts birds that will move into the garden and keep the insect population down.
  • Learn to accept and live with a hole or two in produce.
  • Grow plants fast and furious. Stressed plants are prone to pests and diseases.
  • Take time every day to inspect what is happening in the garden. Often, by noticing a problem it can be fixed before it damages the complete crop.

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