Citrus trees are one of the most versatile groups of fruiting plants to grow in most areas of Australia. The humble lemon tree is synonymous with the Australian suburban garden and a sentimental favourite. It is the subject of many garden questions and you’d be forgiven if you thought they were hard to grow judging by the number of questions that are asked. In fact, lemons are one of the easiest of all citrus trees to grow. Feed it, water it and trim it a little and you will be rewarded with months of juicy fruit. With the correct variety selection, there is potential to have fresh fruit from May to November, not taking into account the humble lemon. The perfume of the blossom is an added benefit on a balmy October evening.

At this time of the year:

Fertilise citrus to encourage growth when the soil is still cool. Apply a liquid fertiliser over the foliage such as PowerFeed PRO Series Flowers, Fruit & CItrus as it’s absorbed very quickly. When citrus are flowering their nutrients needs are extremely high. Using a controlled release fertiliser such as PowerFeed Controlled Release for Flowers, Fruit & Citrus in conjunction with a soluble liquid fertiliser is a safe way of delivering nutrients quickly to the plants. There’s less chance of overdoing the fertiliser and causing leaf burn and flower drop.

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