Indoor cats will benefit from having access to fresh grass and there is nothing tricky about growing Catgrass indoors. The varieties of plants used for cat grass are a quick growing cereal and will be ready to consume in a matter of week. They can even be grown in a soil less container.

For Catgrass that not only looks good, but will be a source of treats for the cat follow these steps

  • Chose a bowl or ceramic container (a hole for drainage is not needed with this method).
  • Fill the bowl with decorative stones or pebbles.
  • Place one layer of paper towel over the stones and fill the container with water so the level is just below the stones and the paper will stay damp.
  • Scatter the Catgrass seeds over the paper and place on a sunny windowsill.
  • Keep the water level topped up.

Varieties of plants suitable to use as Catgrass are Wheat, Barley or Oats.

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