• Apply wetting agent to the whole garden and all potted plants.. This will save hours of work in the following months and ensure water soaks into the soil and not run off the soil surface.
  • Top up mulch on garden beds. Mulches that are chunky and allow the water to soak through to the soil are the best. They also last the longest. Large potted plants that are in warm positions benefit from being mulched as it reduces the evaporation rate of the soil. Decorative stones or pebbles are ideal.
  • Test the irrigation system and check there are no leaks or blockages and all sprinklers are applying water where they should and not on pathways. Fine mist sprayers should be replaced with water efficient emitters to deliver large droplets of water that will land on the soil surface rather than being blown away in the wind.
  • Adding long lasting water wise colour for Christmas and New Years festivities is possible using portulacas, vincas or salvias. Instant colour is your saviour at this time of the year and a quick trip to the Garden Centre will reveal the brightest and best plants for this time of the year. If planting in soil add soil improver or compost and wetting agent to give the plants the best start. If using pots and a premium potting mix all the hard work is done for you and all you need to do is plant, water and admire.

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