Carnation tastes spicy, peppery and clove like. Very similar to the perfume of the old fashioned Dianthus. The whole flowers can be used.

Fuchsias can be plucked from the bush at the last minute before serving and add rich exotic colour to dishes. Especially great for ice cream and chocolate, the flowers are slightly acidic.

Tuberous Begonias, only the Hybrid varieties are edible. The flowers and stems contain oxalic acid and should not be consumed; only the petals are edible.

Lemon flowers can be used where you need a subtle lemon flavour, although I must say they are a little waxy. Use sparingly as a garnish or to flavour a citrus water.

Gladioli, as well as being Dame Edna’s favourite in the vase, the petals can be consumed, imagine a salad of Gladioli. They taste similar to lettuce.

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