• Hang yellow sticky bug traps in the vegie garden. These small plastic strips are a very effective way of controlling whitefly and thrips. These insects are attracted to the colour yellow and are causing damage to plants at this time of the year. Sticky traps stay sticky in wet weather and are replaced when about 80% of the total area is covered with insects.
  • Prune Hibiscus over the next few weeks as the weather warms up. As they shoot away nip the tips out to encourage bushy growth. Fertilise with controlled release fertiliser for flowering plants such as PowerFeed Controlled Release Plant Food for Flowers, Fruit and Citrus. Hibiscus will perform brilliantly in large pots and flower for months in a hot sunny position.
  • Feed bulbs that have finished flowering for quality flowers next year. At the moment they are developing the embryo for next year’s flowering.
  • Wash the dust off indoor plants and apply white oil to the foliage. Not only will it kill the scale insects, it will give the leaves a gorgeous gloss.
  • In frost susceptible areas cover plants at night with shade cloth, if large or an upturned pot, if small. Small vegie seedlings will benefit from being covered. Damage from a heavy frost can take months for the plant to recover.
  • Take advantage of the September rains and apply organic based fertilisers around the whole garden. They gradually release their nutrients over a period of a few months and reduce chance of nutrients leaching into our waterways. It is also much better for the health of your plants.
  • Grab the secateurs or hedge shears. Plants are actively growing and hedges such as Box, Rosemary and Lily Pily can be trimmed as they develop their soft new growth. A very light prune now and then again in October will ensure they will stay bushy right through the year.
  • Feed the lawn to kick start it out of winter dormancy and get it to green up quickly. Try Seasol for Lush Green Lawns or Seasol for Buffalo Lawns. Simply attach to your hose and off you go. Each 2 litre hose-on container treats up to 100 square metres of lawn.
  • Treat the garden with a wetting agent before it starts to warm up to conserve as much water as possible in the soil. Soil can become water repellent very easily.

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