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Get in a Garden – Get Healthy – Have Fun

You are invited to join in as Independent Garden Centres across Australia come together to connect people with the health and wellness benefits of plants, gardens and gardening. Recent research coming out of the University of Queensland reveals people getting a minimum dose of 30 green minutes a week (in one session) are more likely to have healthy emotional, physical and mental wellbeing than those who don’t. In recognising this Garden Releaf Day 2019 encourages people and communities to get involved with ideas and inspiration to help them experience the joys of being in a garden, no matter how big or small.

Garden Centres across Australia will be encouraging you to ‘Plant a pot’ of colour or something edible. You may choose to pick a pretty flower, go for a stroll in a garden, pull out a few weeds, style your home with living indoor greenery or create an outdoor space to socialise in and escape a busy world. Whatever your interests are, Garden Releaf Day is a chance to get involved and feel the benefits of enriching your life with plants, flowers, herbs, fragrance and colour.

Independent Garden Centres across Australia will be hosting Garden Releaf Day 2019. Among other things there will be loads of activities focusing on the benefits of colour, plants and gardens to enrich our lives, with funds raised supporting beyondblue.

For more information, please visit www.gardenleaf.com.au