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Seasol Trilogy 631

A unique blend of three refined natural soil & plant beneficial compounds.


Seasol Trilogy 631 is formulated to boost natural soil ecosystem and plant growth processes.

  • For stronger root growth and healthier crops
  • Provides plant and soil benefits
  • Support and improve plant resilience


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Seasol Trilogy 631 is a product to boost, connect and regenerate the soil processes for better agricultural productivity and longer-term soil fertility. It’s manufactured by combining three key natural extracts:

Each of the extracts have ingredients for specific roles:

  • Seasol Liquid Seaweed extract for plant productivity and stress tolerance – providing an organically diverse and plant active composition.
  • Powerfish Liquid Fish extract for available organic nitrogen -providing free amino acids.
  • Liquid Organic Humate extract for available carbon – providing Humic acids and Fulvic acids.

In combination with growing plants, Seasol Trilogy 631 supplements the soil ecosystem processes needed for plant productivity and enhanced soil fertility by:

  • Enhancing plant and root growth – plants then pump additional root exudates (photosynthate carbon) into the soil and feed soil microbiology at the rhizosphere.
  • Supplying the soil carbon and nitrogen cycle – with available organic nitrogen and accessible carbon.
  • Supplying plants with amino acids – and peptides for enhanced plant growth.
  • Leave the soil with Soil Organic Matter – from increased plant and microbe organic matter.
  • Converting more sunlight – due to increased plant growth, plants produce more photosynthate, pump relatively more exudates into the soil and enhance the functioning of the overall soil ecosystem.

Productive soils rely on soil ecosystem processes and the nitrogen and carbon cycles being synchronised. However, in depleted soils that are farmed intensely with limited crop diversity, the natural ecosystem processes become disconnected. Similarly, a dependency upon inorganic fertiliser eventually results in fragmented biological, plant, soil and microbe ecosystems.

How to use it

Seasol Trilogy 631 is intended for application to the plant rootzone. Can be injected into the the irrigation system (Fertigated) or applied as a soil drench, spray or furrow injection. Agitate the product prior to using and reagitate if the product is left standing for an extended period of time. The product can be applied before, during or after light to moderate rainfall.

Agitate the product prior to application. Spray application: Apply the product as soon as possible after mixing in the spray tank. Maintain agitation in spray tank if possible. 

Fertigation: Agitate the product regularly in the fertigation tank. Use adequate fushing after fertigation to ensure product is flushed from lines. For best results use the product on its own. DO NOT COMBINE WITH CALCIUM NITRATE. 

Crops Rates Comments
Tree & Perennial Crops Apply 8.5 to 17L/Ha once per month or in split applications. Use the lower rate on young crops. Planting: Product can also be used as a soil drench to”water in” at a dilution of 1:250 m(4mL/L or 4L/1,000L Water). Apply regularly during the growing season. As a minimum, use the product at times of plant stress or recovery such as Pre-Flowering, Fruit Filling & Post Harvest on fruiting tree crops. Application prior to & after periods of stress can improve protection and recovery.
Annual crops Apply 8.5 to 17L/Ha as often as monthly. Use the lower rate on smaller/younger crops. The monthly rate can be split over several applications. Planting Out: Use the product at 1:250 (4mL/L or 4L/1,000L Water) for watering in of seedlings in a Water Wheel planter or similar device. Use regularly through the growing season especially prior to and after stress events. Product can be applied during rain events or while sprinklers are operating.
Turf Apply at 17L/Ha (1.7mL per sq metre) at the start of the growing season and regularly throughout the season after cutting. Product can be applied during rain events or while sprinklers are operating.
Parks & Gardens Street trees Use the rate of 4mL/L (4L/1,000L) as an addition to standard watering practices such as application by water cart. Planting: Use as a soil drench at the rate above. Use before & after a stress event such as unusually hot conditions.
Pastures including Lucerne Apply 17L/Ha at the start of the growing season and after each cut or grazing event in a rotational or strip grazing situation. Apply to pasture after grazing. Do not graze pasture with ruminant animals for 3 weeks after application. Productcan be applied during rain events or while sprinklers are operating.

Where to buy Seasol Trilogy 631

Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption. Do not swallow. May cause irritation to the skin or eyes. If splashed, wash off with water. If swallowed or if irritation persists, seek prompt medical advice. This product contains fish. Ensure edible portion of plants are washed in clean water before consumption. Additional information is listed in the Safety Data Sheet below.

Please click here to download the Safety Data Sheet

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