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Seasol Stress-aid

Seasol Stress-aid is a unique formulation of bio stimulant and nutrients.


  • Improves plant resilience at times of abiotic stress
  • Provides some Potassium and Phosphorus

Typical Analysis:
W/V: Nitrogen (N) 0.0%. Phosphorus (P) 2.8%. Potassium (K) 10.0%


  • Seasol Stress-aid product 20 litre information image 20 Lt
  • Seasol Stress-aid 200 litre product information image 200 Lt
  • Seasol Stress-aid 1000 litre product information image 1,000 Lt

Seasol Stress-aid improves frost tolerance in plants through biochemical, molecular, and physiological changes.

Stress-aid reduces frost-induced electrolyte leakage by maintaining membrane integrity during freezing stress.

Stress-aid helps regulate sugar and acids in plants. Sugar accumulation helps plants to reduce frost stress by playing an essential role in stabilising various biological components such as the cellular membrane and membrane-bound organelles.

Seasol Stress-Aid is made from Durvillaea potatorum and Ascophyllum nodosum. Durvillaea potatorum is sourced from King Island and the west coast of Tasmania where the kelp is swept ashore after storms. Collection of storm cast kelp is sustainably managed under licences issued by the Tasmanian Government. Ascophyllum nodosum is widely used in the northern hemisphere where it is sustainably harvested from managed kelp beds. The kelps are blended together in our own dedicated processing facility near Launceston to produce the wonderful seaweed solution that is Seasol Stress-Aid.

How to use it

Can be applied through standard agricultural and landscaping equipment including injection into irrigation systems (fertigation) & foliar spray application with boom sprayers, boomless nozzles or aerial application, watering cans, knapsacks, and watering carts. Agitate concentrate product prior to using and re-agitate if the product is left standing for an extended period of time.

Crops Rates Comments
Tree & Perennial Crops Apply 5 - 10L/Ha. Use the lower rate on young crops. Apply up to 10 days prior to predicted cold and heat stress to aid in crop resilience. Apply after stress events to aid in crop recovery. Apply at times of high crop potassium demand. Can be applied multiple times across the season.
Annual Crops Apply 5 to 10L/Ha once per month or in split applications.
Turf Apply at 10L/Ha (1mL per sq metre)
Parks & Gardens Street Trees Dilute 2.5mL/L (2.5L/1,000L) as an addition to standard watering practices, e.g. water cart. 1ml square metre with a knapsack or small sprayer.
Pastures including Lucerne Apply 10L/Ha at the start of the growing season and after each cut or grazing event in a rotational or strip grazing situation.


Spray application: Apply the product as soon as possible after mixing in the spray tank. Maintain agitation in spray tank if possible.

Fertigation: Agitate the product regularly in the fertigation tank. Use adequate flushing after fertigation to ensure product is removed from lines. For best results use the product on its own. Seasol Stress-aid can be mixed with a number of agricultural chemicals.



Where to buy Seasol Stress-aid

Keep out of reach of children.  Not for human consumption. Do not swallow. May cause irritation to the skin or eyes. If splashed, wash off with water. If swallowed or if irritation persists, seek prompt medical advice. Additional information is listed in the Safety Data Sheet.

Storage and Handling. Not to be kept for prolonged periods in hot conditions (>30ºC) or in direct sunlight. Always use safe working practices for lifting and handling drums. Once diluted, the product should be applied within 24 hours. Agitate the product prior to using and re-agitate if the product is left standing for an extended period of time.

Please click here to download the Safety Data Sheet