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Seasol Commercial

Seasol is a 100% liquid seaweed plant conditioner that provides a synergistic range of natural compounds, trace elements, alginates and carbohydrates from a blend of brown kelps.

Our seaweed is not harvested from living stands, but sustainably sourced from storm-cast material collected from remote locations that are free from pollution. This ensures the highest possible quality and consistency in every drum.

Seasol is a plant stimulant used to boost plant metabolism. It is 100% soluble and can be applied either to the soil or the foliage. It is designed to provide benefits that complement your existing fertiliser program. These benefits result from a general increase in overall plant health.

Features and Benefits of Seasol Commercial:

  • Aids plant establishment and reduces transplant shock
  • Stimulates root growth and enhances flowering
  • Enhances soil microbial activity
  • Increases tolerance to adverse environmental conditions


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  • Seasol Commercial 5 Lt product information 5Lt
  • Seasol Commercial 20 Lt product information 20Lt
  • Seasol Commercial Concentrate 200 Lt product information 200Lt
  • Seasol Commercial 1000 Lt product information 1,000Lt

How Seasol Commercial Works:

Throughout history Seaweed and its effect on plant growth has been well documented. Seasol is a complete plant health treatment that contains a synergistic range of natural compounds, trace elements, alginates and other bio-active compounds that help to promote healthy roots, encourage beneficial soil micro-organisms, stimulate flowering and fruiting and help plants to cope with heat, drought and cold stress.

How to use it

Seasol can be used as a foliar application or applied directly to the soil. Seasol can be applied through boom sprays, air blasters, drip systems, travelling irrigators and centre pivots.

Seasol is generally compatible with a large range of products, some of these are listed below. It should be noted however, that Seasol is not aware when other manufacturers make changes to their products that may effect the compatibility with Seasol. For this reason Seasol is not responsible for any incompatibilities encountered. The following is a guide only and it is recommended, a jar test be done prior to mixing any other product with Seasol. Once diluted Seasol should be used within 24 hours.

Compatible: Wettable Sulphur,  Copper Fungicides, Mancozeb, Trace Elements, N.P.K’s except Ca & P, Wettable Powders, Wettable Granules, Flowable Liquids, Dry Flowables

Non-Compatible: Emulsifiable Concentrates, Calcium & Phosphorous, Oil based Wetters, Winter/Summer Oils

Foliar sprays For actively growing plants, vines and trees to aid Iron nutrition and increase plant stress tolerance 5-10L/ha
Boom sprayers & Under-tree sprinklers For all types of spray equipment, use the area normally covered by one tankful to detemine how much product to add 5-10L/ha
Drip or Micro-irrigation systems Use higher rates for lighter soils 5-10L/ha
Overhead sprinklers: Travelling or Pivot irrigators Use higher rates on lighter soil; lower rates on heavier soil (ie. The amount of concentrate needed per hectare of irrigated area for 10 mm of irrigation is 10L to 50L) 1L to 5L per mm of irrigation
Small volume applications 3-5 mL per litre in hand sprayers and knapsacks; 20mL to 50mL per 9L watering can

Where to buy Seasol Commercial

Keep out of Reach of Children. NOT TO BE TAKEN. May irritate skin and eyes. Wash hands after use. As with all plant treatments, wash edible plants before eating.

Seasol should never be applied undiluted – water is the carrier to ensure proper coverage. Once diluted, it should be used within 24 hours. Seasol is filtered to 150 microns so that it is suitable for application with any conventional spray equipment including boom-sprays or irrigation equipment.