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Earthcare Planting Gel

Earthcare Planting Gel delivers a scientifically formulated blend of Seasol and power-fish from semi-hydrated water crystals, directly into the root zone of plants & turf to increase survival rates after transplanting.

With an effective life of up to 5 years in the soil the hydrogel constantly recharges itself, ensuring an ongoing supply of moisture and nutrients on demand to all types of plants & turf.

Features and Benefits:

  • Stimulates plant growth
  • Promotes vigorous root development
  • Saves water
  • Maintains root zone moisture for 3-5 years


  • Earthcare Planting Gel 10Kg product information main image 5Kg bucket
  • Earthcare Planting Gel 10Kg product information main image 10Kg bucket

Planting Gel is a combination of semi-hydrated water storing crystals boosted with Seasol and essential nutrients. They store water and nutrients within the root zone, where the plant needs them most. The added Seasol promotes good root development and improved plant performance. Once placed in the root zone the Gel slowly releases moisture and nutrients, stimulating root growth reducing transplant shock and assisting plant establishment.

How to use it

Planting Gel can be placed directly into the planting hole or incorporated into the backfill surrounding the root ball; under turf or simply broadcast over the top of the prepared planting surface.

Size of Plant Amount of Gel Number of plants per 10 kg bucket
Tubes ¼ scoop / 5 grams gel 2000
140 mm ½ scoop / 10 grams gel 1000
200 mm 1 scoop / 20 grams gel 500
300 mm 1½ scoops / 30 grams gel 333
400 mm 2 scoops / 40 grams gel 250
500 mm 2½ scoops / 50 grams 200
Larger Plants 1 scoop into planting hole. Incorporate extra scoops into the backfill (1 scoop per 20 litres of backfill)
Under Turf 1 scoop per square metre of prepared surface / 20 grams gel 10 kg bucket covers 500 m²

Where to buy Earthcare Planting Gel

Keep out of Reach of Children. NOT TO BE TAKEN. May irritate skin and eyes. Wash hands after use.