Insects that feed on plants causing damage that disfigures the plant or reduces its crop are considered pests. Some can even kill a plant. Pests are generally present in larger numbers and are more damaging if a plant is under stress or not growing in its ideal environment.

Many pests are controlled by regularly removing them from a plant, encouraging beneficial insects that will feed on the pest and so reduce its numbers, and by improving the plant’s growing conditions with better watering, feeding and appropriate amounts of light.

In some situations, pests can be controlled safely with natural pyrethrum sprays such as EarthCare Natural Pyrethrum insect spray or pest oil such as EarthCare Enviro Pest Oil insect spray or EarthCare White Oil insect spray. Always remember to spray both sides of the foliage and repeat 14 days later if necessary. Do not spray when beneficial insects are around.


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