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Seasol treated plants not only deal with drought stress better….they RECOVER better.┬áTo see it in action check out this time lapse video.

We took two tomato plants, placed one in water and the other one in Seasol in water (1:400 dilution) . We let the plants grow for 21 days. After 21 days we drought stressed* them for 5 days, then let the recover+ for 2 days. We then drought stressed* them again for 4 days and again let them recover+ for two days. The results are amazing!

*drought stressed = no water or Seasol in the bottom of the container, temperature set at 26 degrees celsius.

+recovery = water or Seasol in the bottom of the container, temperature set at 26 degrees celsius

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Seasol seaweed concentrate is a complete garden health treatment.

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